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To work efficiently and reliably with the large amount and complexity of data that typically need to be analyzed in (structural) bioinformatics, automation of workflows is a must. In some cases it is possible to find existing software packages to achieve your goal. However, often no suitable package is available for your specific tasks and development of your own piece of software is needed.

Fortunately these days you can find programming platforms with a simple syntax and which require minimal knowledge about computer technology. Python is a programming language that is perfectly suitable for scientific programming: It is simple to learn, but powerful enough even for complicated tasks.

The 2-day course will get you started with python programming and result in a fully functional script for a real life application in Biological NMR: The conversion from CYANA distance restraints to XPLOR distance restraints. It consists of short lectures that introduce you to basic python programming concepts, followed by long practical sessions to get you familiar with all the theoretical topics covered in the lectures. To illustrate the learned techniques they are directly applied to build the CYANA to XPLOR conversion script in the practicals.


The 2 day course will take place following the Bio-NMR AUM in Warsaw, on May 9-10, 2014.

Lecturers and trainers

  • Chris Spronk

  • Karolis Valiulis

  • Robert Pozarickij

  • Karolis Gudynas

Participation fee

  • Participants from non-profit organization: €300

  • Participants from profit organization: €600

Important notes

When registering to the course you acknowledge that you have read and understood the general terms and conditions. The participation fee includes all costs for the course and materials, but does not include accommodation.

The course will take place with a minimum of 5 registrations. As soon as the minimum number of participants is reached, you will be informed instantly so you can finalize your travel and accommodation reservations. In case of less than 5 registrations on the Bio-NMR AUM registration deadline, the course will be cancelled and you will be notified instantly.

How to prepare

For the course it is important to prepare and bring your own laptop, running Mac OSX, Linux or Windows. For the course we recommend to use Linux or Windows. After completion of the registration you will receive detailed instructions and assistance for installing needed software and course materials.

To be most efficient in the course, it is important that you read the course information document carefully, and make sure you understand the goal of the course.

Reviews on this course

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Sunday the 20th. 4th Annual User group Meeting of BioNMR, Warsaw 2014.