Wiktor Koźmiński's NMR group

Biological and Chemical Research Centre, University of Warsaw

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  1. POLISH RETURN, No. PPN/PPO/2018/1/00098/U/00001, Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange, "Nowe metody określania struktury i dynamiki biomolekuł za pomocą Jądrowego Rezonansu Magnetycznego w ciele stałym z ultraszybką rotacją" ("Novel methods of structure and dynamics determination using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance in the solid-state with the ultrafast magic-angle spinning"), 1,635,000 PLN (J. Stanek), 2019-2022.
  2. PRELUDIUM No. 2015/19/N/ST4/00863, Polish National Science Centre: "New NMR methods for randomly fractionally deuteratedproteins". 149,960 PLN (M. Górka), 2016-2019.
  3. MAESTRO No. 2015/18/A/ST4/00270, Polish National Science Centre: "New tools and applications of NMR spectroscopy beyond resolution limitation". 3,252,000 PLN (W. Koźmiński), 2016-2021.
  4. CANALETTO Polish-Italian bilateral cooperation "Development of new NMR methods for study of intrinsically discordered proteins", 2016-2018.
  5. PRELUDIUM No. 2013/11/N/ST4/01827, Polish National Science Centre: "New high dimensional NMR methods for nucleic acids structure elucidation". 99,700 PLN (S. Saxena), 2014-2016.
  6. PRELUDIUM No. 2013/11/N/ST4/01832, Polish National Science Centre: "New high dimensional NMR methods for intrinsically disordered proteines investigation". 98,800 PLN (S. Żerko), 2014-2016.
  7. Parent/Bridge Programme ("Pomost"), Foundation for Polish ScienceNovel 13C-detected NMR techniques for resonance assignment of intrinsically disordered proteins ”, 326,600 PLN (A. Zawadzka-Kazimierczuk), 2013-2015.
  8. Iuventus Plus, Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education, "Automatyczne przypisywanie sygnałów w widmach NMR białek niezwiniętych" ("Automatic resonance assignment in NMR spectra of intrinsically disordered proteins") , 254,800 PLN (A. Zawadzka-Kazimierczuk), 2013-2014.
  9. Iuventus Plus, No. IP2012 057872, Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education: "Development of acquisition and reconstruction methods for non-uniformly sampled diagonal-free four-dimensional NOESY spectra for efficient structural analysis of proteins and nucleic acids by NMR". 132,000 PLN (J. Stanek), 2013-2014.
  10. PRELUDIUM No. 2012/05/N/ST4/01120, Polish National Science Centre: "Development of 4D and 5D NMR experiments for assignmnent and three-dimensional structure determination of biomolecules". 50,000 PLN (J. Stanek), 2013-2014.
  11. Project TEAM Foundation for Polish Science „Towards new applications of NMR spectroscopy in chemical and biomolecular structural studies”, 2010-2014.
  12. Bio-NMR, “NMR for Structural Biology ", FP7 project no: 261863. FP7-Infrastructure project funded by the European Commission, 2010-2014.
  13. Support of  Bio-NMR project. Decision nr. 2102/7PR UE/2011/2, 378,430 PLN, MNiSW.
  14. EAST-NMR, “Enhancing Access and Services To East European users towards an efficient and coordinated pan-European pool of NMR capacities to enable global collaborative research and boost technological advancements”. Combination of a Collaborative Project & Coordination and Support Action. (Proj. 228461) FP7-Infrastructure project funded by the European Commission (2009-2013).
  15. Support of  EAST-NMR project. Decision nr. 1341/7PR UE/2010/7, 175,388 PLN, MNiSW.
  16. New applications of randomly sampled NMR data sets with improved resolution, Polish-Slovenian bilateral cooperation, 2010-2011 (National Institute of Chemistry Ljubljana).
  17. N204 137937, Three-dimensional spectra of organic molecules, MNiSW 2009-2010.
  18. Scientific network 2008-2009: „Nowe zastosowania spektroskopii magnetycznego rezonansu jądrowego w chemii, biologii, farmacji i medycynie” (New applications of nuclear magnetic resonance In chemistry, biology, pharmacy and medicine), funded by MNiSW.
  19. Polish-Slovenian bilateral cooperation 2008-2009 (National Institute of Chemistry Ljubljana).
  20. N301 071 31/2159  Development of new methods of NMR spectroscopy for structural studies of proteins, grant MNiSW for 2006-2009.


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